Tuesday, July 31, 2007

feeling good at day 220

Hi to all,
well its been a long time since i posted and i just wanted to give you all an update--its now day 220 if i calculated right and i am doing great--as far as i know i am still in remission. i am just on aredia treatments every 2 months i go back for a complete check up in Oct. But i am basically back to normal. i still do not work as i wasn't before but i am pretty much able to do everything for myself as far as daily functions and such. It seems unreal that i am posting and still in remission. i had my SCT DEc 29th and i am doing good. My hair is still short but none the less its hair. It is all salt and pepper and i am thinking about coloring it as i always did before but am kinda reluctant. Has anyone ever colored their hair after new regrowth after chemo. My hair. started growing back in feb so i quess it has been6 months. it is pretty baby fine. so i am wondering if it would be good or okay. Well to all who are thinking about having a SCT just do it it is so worth it. i will admit its tough but you do get better and remmission is the altimate result hopefully for all. to all my myeloma friends hang in there ---there is hope.
Sincerely, Susan