Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hi Everyone,
WEll its day 105 and i have very good news to report --I AM IN REMISSION__YEA,YEA,YEA!!!!!!!. i had a bone marrow biopsy on Monday and a skeletal survey and lots of blood work done and i got the results today. All are normal. The bone marrow biopsy shows 1% myeloma cells and the blood work is all in normal range and my skeletal survey was good but i have to have infusions of Aredia every two months to keep my bones Strong. So basically my doctor says i am in remission. He tried to contact my SCT doctor but he was unavailable--to discuss how to keep me in remission--what maintenance drugs to use so i will probably get a call on that tomorrow. Anyhow i will leave for LAs Vegas on April 22 to celebrate!!!! Thanks to all who wished me luck and got me thur this. i will continue to update you from time to time. feeling good ---Susan


henk said...

Hi Susan

Congratulations on your great result - have a great celebration in Vegas!

I'm still awaiting my results but so far there hasn't been much change. My Onc wants to put me on Velcade & Dex

Kind Regards


Beth said...

Great going, Susan!

Jen D said...

Dear Susan,

First, congratulations on your remission!! Way to go!!

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Thanks in advance!

Jenny (jend)